Union of Banks of Armenia

The Union is the legal entity non-commercial organization and its goal is to present the corporate interests of its members.

About us

The Brief history of the establishment of Union of Banks of Armenia and its major tasks

Union of banks of Armenia is the union of banks operating in the Republic of Armenia. The Union was founded on the 27th of July, 1995, according to the RA law on “Banks and Banking” and number one decision of commercial banks’ constitutive meeting.
At the very moment of its establishment 31 commercial banks entered into the membership of the Union. Currently, all 18 commercial banks are the members of the Union.
The Union is the legal entity non-commercial organization and its goal is to present the corporate interests of its members. UBA is the legal successor of the “Association of Banks of Armenia”.

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The major tasks of the union are to
  • Protect and introduce the interests of Union members in  state and local self governmental bodies, international and non -governmental organizations, come up as plaintiff and respondent in courts
  • Protect and introduce the interests of Union members in the Central bank of Armenia, therefore organize joint discussions and come up with suggestions
  • Contribute to  the development and consolidation of interbank relations, systematize the activities of  Union members aimed at the development and implementation of  long-term joint programs
  • Participate in the implementation projects on legislative   and other normative acts on banking and financial-credit activities in the Republic of Armenia
  • Provide  Union members with information on  local and international banking operations, unreliable credit borrowers prescribed by the law, organize publication work
  • Promote  the integration of advanced banking methods and technologies in the system for the improvement of the services and  increase of the operation efficiency
  • Contribute to  the conformation of banking services and adoption of contemporary counting system to the international criteria, as well as promote the integration of banking system of the Republic of Armenia into the international one
  • Develop  and realize training and educative programs for bank employees, organize  trainings in corresponding establishments  abroad
  • Organize seminars and forums
  • Implement and realize other tasks and projects driven from the corporate interests of the Union members that do not violate RA legislation and UBA Charter
UBA Chairmen
  • Daniel Azatyan
    Daniel Azatyan
    November/2023-till present
  • Mher Ananyan
    Mher Ananyan
  • Gevorg Machanyan
    Gevorg Machanyan
  • Artak Ananyan
    Artak Ananyan
  • Mher Abrahamyan
    Mher Abrahamyan
  • Artak Hanesyan
    Artak Hanesyan
    October/2018- October/2019
  • Hakob Andreasyan
    Hakob Andreasyan
  • Samvel Chzmachian
    Samvel Chzmachian
  •  Ashot Osipyan
    Ashot Osipyan
    March/2011 - May/2013
  • Ararat Ghukasyan
    Ararat Ghukasyan
    November/2009 - March/2011
  • Emil Soghomonyan
    Emil Soghomonyan
    August/2007 - November/2009
  • Stepan Gishyan
    Stepan Gishyan
    March/2006 - August/2007
  •  Samvel Chzmachian
    Samvel Chzmachian
    May/2003 - March/2006
  •  Armen Eghiazaryan
    Armen Eghiazaryan
    August/1999 - May/2003
  • Bagrat Asatryan
    Bagrat Asatryan
    March/1998 - August/1999
  • Tigran Sargsyan
    Tigran Sargsyan
    July/1995 - March/1998
UBA Vice Presidents
  • Vardan Atayan
    Vardan Atayan
    August/2007 - November/2009
  • Seyran Sargsyan
    Seyran Sargsyan
    November/2009 – March/2011, August/2013 – September/2017
UBA Executive Directors
  • Vladimir Badalyan
    Vladimir Badalyan
    August/2003 - April/2006
  • Artyom Grigoryan
    Artyom Grigoryan
    April/2006 - October/2006
  • Seyran Sargsyan
    Seyran Sargsyan
    October/2006 – November/2009, September/2017 - till present